In conditional knockout (floxed) mice, a gene is inactivated in a specific tissue to study the function of individual genes and model human diseases. In March 2020, Cyagen officially launched the Cyagen Knockout Catalog Models repository – which has provided researchers in the Americas and Europe with ready to use knockout (KO) mouse models in as few as three (3) months. To date, we have cryopreserved sperm from over 10k KO mouse strains to offer affordable, established, and rapidly available KO models to both research institutions and pharmaceutical corporations. Our repository is constantly growing as we continue to work towards our goal of cryopreserving strains covering most popular mouse genes.

We are excited to announce our newest upgrade to the Cyagen Knockout Catalog Models repository, which now includes conditional knockout (cKO) mouse models – also known as floxed mice. Our searchable database now features 300+ cKO/floxed mouse strains – with cohorts available for as low as $18,999.



Applications of Conditional Knockout (cKO)/Floxed Models

Mouse models remain essential for gaining proper understanding of human disease mechanisms and play an important role numerous research areas. Although cKO/floxed mouse models are used in similar applications to KO models, the precise temporal and spatial control of gene expression provided by cKO/floxed models yields greater experimental capabilities.

Studies of Gene Function

  • Inducible and/or tissue-specific gene expression – knockout, over-expression, etc.

Target Discovery and Confirmation

  • cKO models solve the problem of embryonic lethality seen in KO models, enabling target confirmation in adult organisms.

Verifying Compound Specificity

  • cKO models allow precise control of gene expression for a functional protein target, providing an in vivo system to evaluate potential off-target effects of a drug.

A Mouse Model Catalog for Economy & Efficiency in Research

In our announcement of the Cyagen Knockout Catalog Models repository, we describe the innovations that enabled us to replace the manual micro-injection of fertilized eggs with high throughput electroporation. These capabilities led to the successful establishment and cryopreservation of 10k+ strains of KO mouse sperms to expand the scope of our services beyond custom model generation. In addition to our continued development of new KO/cKO mice strains, we also anticipate including cryopreserved rat sperms in the future.

Advantages of our Ready-to-Use Catalog Models

Cyagen’s innovative mouse sperm cryorecovery technology builds on our accumulated experience in custom animal model generation, providing over 10k custom KO and cKO/floxed strains from which live mice are available to researchers. The Cyagen Knockout Catalog offers the following advantages compared to a custom model generation project:


  • Over 10k established lines eliminate risks associated with model generation process
  • Guaranteed models: validated genotyping data available upon request


  • Deliverables: ≥3 HET mice in as fast as 3 months
  • Reduced paperwork: inquire online to place an order


  • 100% pure B6 background eliminates need for backcrossing – most repositories have mixed backgrounds
  • Inexpensive: Cost of catalog lines cannot be beaten by any model generation approach


Search by Gene Name or NCBI Gene ID

Cyagen’s Knockout Catalog Models are available as searchable listings – query by your gene of interest (gene name/NCBI ID) to identify models that we have available for cryorecovery. All projects originate from cryopreserved sperm, but are deliverable as ≥3 mice. Our repository is constantly growing, so feel free to inquire about the status of any specific gene(s) KO or cKO not shown online for more information about pending availability.

Discover your next KO and cKO/floxed models - look-up your gene of interest on our Knockout Catalog:



About Cyagen Biosciences

Cyagen has rapidly become the world’s leading commercial provider of custom mouse generation services, which has led to our establishment of this modern repository of ready-to-use mouse models. We have generated thousands of custom knockout (KO), knockin (KI), and transgenic rodent lines for our customer base that covers over 2,000 universities and companies worldwide. Our rapid growth has led to the number of publications citing Cyagen in high-impact journals such as Nature, Cell, and Science increase to over 3,400 in record time.