SD Rat Neural Stem Cell With GFP

SD Rat Neural Stem Cell With GFP
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Neural stem cells are pluripotent stem cells that can differentiate into a variety of cells of the nervous system, including neurons, astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, et al. Neural stem cells can be isolated from different regions of the mammalian brain and the spinal cord and other nervous systems.

OriCellTM SD rat neural stem cells/GFP are derived from the brain tissue of 14.5 days old SD rats and are cultured in the form of suspended neurospheres. After culture, they are transduced with a lentivirus with GFP gene to make the cells stably express GFP. It was cryopreserved at low passages. It can be used as a cell model to study proliferation, aging, immunity, differentiation and transplantation.

Passage Number: P2

Storage at Liquid Nitrogen(-196℃)


  • Pass the detection of bacteria, fungi, mycoplasma, and endotoxins.
  • Pass the cell resuscitation test, the resuscitation survival rate is >50%.
  • Pass the cell cycle detection, the doubling period is less than 72 h.
  • Pass the immunofluorescence detection, it expresses Nestin (> 75%), but does not express GFAP and Tubulin (< 10%).
  • Have good differentiation potential, can differentiate into neurons, oligodendrocytes, astrocytes, etc.


Note: This product is only provided for further scientific research. It is not intended for  diagnostic, therapeutic, clinical, household, or any other applications.