ITS Cell Culture Supplement (100×)

ITS Cell Culture Supplement (100×) ITSS-10201-10
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Cyagen ITS (Insulin, Transferrin, Selenium) Cell Culture Supplement (100×) is a liquid reagent to be added into serum-reduced cell culture medium to stimulate proliferation of a variety of cells.

Cell Culture Supplement (100×) by OriCellTM ITS contains insulin, human transferrin and selenite. These important substances are suitable for in vitro growth and differentiation of cells. They are able to promote cell proliferation and reduce the serum requirement of various cells.

Product ingredients

Product ingredients

Content per 5 mL

Human recombinant insulin

3.125 mg

Human transferrin

3.125 mg


3.125 μg


0.625 g

Linoleic acid

2.675 mg



  • Pass the detection of bacteria, fungi, mycoplasma and endotoxins.
  • Pass the detection of osmotic pressure and pH.
  • Pass the detection of product quality.


Product stability and storage conditions

  • This reagent needs to be stored at 2~8℃, and the shelf life is 1 year.
  • If it cannot be used up in a short time, it should be stored in separate packages to avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
  • Please use product within the expiration date; Expired ingredients may seriously affect the cell culture effect.