NCR Protein-Free Cryopreservation Medium For General Use

NCR Protein-Free Cryopreservation Medium For General Use
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Serum-free and ready-to-use freezing medium with a formulation optimized for stem cells and primary cells. Allow direct freezing of cells at -80oC.

Cell cryopreservation refers to placing cells in a low temperature environment for long-term storage. The OriCellTM R&D team continuously optimizes the conditions for cell cryopreservation and recovery during long-term cell research, and has developed cryopreservation products suitable for many cells.

OriCellTM NCR Protein-Free Cryopreservation Medium For General Use can greatly reduce the damage of ice crystals to cells during cryopreservation, and effectively improve cell recovery rate and viability. At the same time, it does not contain any exogenous protein components, reducing the chance of cell contamination. A large number of cell cryopreservation data have verified that this product has very limited damage to cryopreserved cells, and has a high cell survival rate after resuscitation, which can maximize cell viability. Compared with the traditional cryopreservation solution,this product can save the time-consuming process of programmed cooling. The cells can be directly resuspended and placed at -80°C, and then transferred to liquid nitrogen the next day to complete the entire cryopreservation process.

OriCellTM NCR Protein-Free Cryopreservation Medium For General Use is suitable for most common cell lines, stem cells, somatic cells, etc. (the recovery viability of different cells may vary).

Product Advantages 

  • Stable product performance, easy to use.
  • The chemical composition is clear, without any foreign protein component.
  • The cell recovery rate is as high as 90%, suitable for cryopreservation of most mammalian cells.
  • It can effectively maintain the multi-directional differentiation potential of stem cells.
  • No need for programmed freezing step or programmed cooling device, directly put in 80°C refrigerator, saving a lot of time and energy.


  • Pass the detection of bacteria, fungi, mycoplasma, and endotoxins.
  • Pass the detection of osmotic pressure and pH.
  • Pass the detection of product quality.