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Although a good grant application should effectively address your overall research plans, reviewers will seek to understand the strategies used in generating any research models, including feasibility and significance of any proposed genetically engineered model (GEM).
To give your grant proposal a competitive edge, Cyagen's model generation experts can provide a letter of support that clearly outlines model generation strategies, budget, and timeline - easing reviewer concerns and corroborating the use of a particular animal model for your research.

Cyagen's Letter of Support for Research Grant Proposals

Letters of support (LOS) can express information that may be a deciding factor in awarding funding when grant proposals are otherwise similar in merit and quality. Additionally, the inclusion of LOS shows that the investigator has prepared a comprehensive proposal and is prepared to begin the project when it is awarded.

Including a letter of support (LOS) from Cyagen quickly establishes the feasibility of the animal model project, providing a competitive advantage for your grant proposal.

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About Cyagen

Cyagen is the world's largest provider of custom-engineered mouse and rat models. Our services have become well known for their top quality, full guarantee, and competitive prices. We provide a "one-stop shop" tailored to all your gene research needs with persuasive documents which make your proposal more convincing.

When it comes to your next research funding application, Cyagen has your back.

How can Cyagen help you?

Targeting strategies provided within 48 hours of request
Detailed quotes with estimated turnaround times for your animal model(s)
Free project consultation with our animal model experts
Price matching policy: we match competitors with an additional 5% discount
Complimentary Letter of Support (LOS) for research grant applications

Cyagen's Animal Model Experts

Dr. Marvin Ouyang
Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Marvin Ouyang has been dedicated to the development of genetically engineered rodent models for the past 20 years, developing hundreds of transgenic and KO/KI mouse/rat models for biomedical research and drug development. Previously, he served as the senior scientist of Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF), a scientist for U.S.-based Thios Pharmaceuticals , and worked for Taconic Biosciences as the leader of the Molecular Biology Department. So far, he has published many papers in high-impact academic journals such as PNAS and JBC. Technical services developed by Dr. Ouyang have been directly cited hundreds of times by top international journals, including Nature.

Dr. Steve Yu
Senior Vice President and Senior Scientist

Dr. Steve Yu has more than 20 years of experience in the field of genetically modified animal models from both R&D and management roles. As an internationally renowned expert in model animals and cell biology, Dr. Yu successively served in Yale School of Medicine and NYU Grossman School of Medicine, inGenious Targeting Laboratory (iTL), Applied StemCell (ASC) and other institutions in the field of genetically modified animal models. Currently, Dr. Yu is working for Cyagen as Senior Vice President and Senior Scientist, primarily responsible for the technical development of genetically modified animal model platforms. His research results have been published in high-impact journals such as Nat Immunol and Mol Cell Biol.

In under 15 years since its founding, Cyagen has become a leading provider of  custom mouse and rat models – delivering over 50,400 models to researchers worldwide and receiving over 4,000 peer-reviewed citations.

Custom Mouse & Rat Model Generation Services

Species Service
Mouse TurboKnockout® KO/KI/cKO
Conventional (ES cell) KO/KI/cKO
CRSIPR-mediated KO/KI
PiggyBac Transgenic
Mouse Embryo PiggyBac Transgenic Embryo
Rat CRISPR-mediated KO/KI
PiggyBac Transgenic

Cyagen Guarantee: We ensure delivery of animals with specified genotype, or your money back.

TurboKnockout® Gene Targeting

 Freedom to Operate: Technology of choice for drug development projects

 Success Rate:  100% guaranteed germline transmission (GLT)

 Turnaround Time:  Founders as fast as 6-8 months

 Large Fragment Knockin:  Insert fragments up to 300 kb

 Flexible Floxing:  No size limitations for your floxed region

CRISPR-mediated models

 Large genetic alterations:  Up to 15 kb knockin and 400 kb knockout.

 Precise:  Targeted insertions express your target gene accurately.

 Efficient: Our unique fertilization process improves homology-directed repair (HDR) efficiency.

 Short timeline:  F0 animals as fast as 3 months

PiggyBac Transgenic

 Highly Requested: 5k+ models delivered annually, cited in high-impact publications (e.g. Nature)

 Single-copy integration: Avoids potential gene silencing from multiple copies per integration site

 Defined region of integration: No loss of transgene sequence (TTAA, transcription unit)

 Reliability: More consistent expression pattern compared to plasmid-based transgenics

 Economical: Cost and turnaround time comparable to plasmid-based transgenics

Custom Rat Model Services

We can deliver knockout (KO), knockin (KI), large fragment knockin (LFKI), ROSA26 LFKI, and humanization rat models in as fast as 5 months.

Cyagen's comprehensive Custom Rat Model Services offers a complete range of custom conditional knockout (cKO) or conditional knockin (cKI) rat models alongside the Cre driver rat strains needed to develop physiologically relevant models of human diseases. Contact us to learn more.

Cyagen Knockout Catalog Models

Over 10,000 Knockout (KO) and cKO Mouse Models | Delivered as Fast as 3 Months

 Efficient: 100% pure B6 background eliminates need for backcrossing

 Deliverables: ≥3 HET mice in as fast as 3 months (Inquire for Homozygous breeding)

 Reliable: Established lines eliminate risks of model generation process

 Guaranteed: Validated genotyping data available upon request

 Reduced paperwork: Inquire online to place an order!

ACE2 Mice for COVID-19 Research

To support researchers investigating the implications of ACE2 in COVID-19 pathology, we have developed many different ACE2 mouse models since the beginning of the pandemic:

ACE2 Catalog Mouse Models – C57BL/6J & BALB/c Backgrounds

- Knockout (KO)
- Humanized (Rosa26 cKI)
- Humanized (Endogenous replacement)

>> Humanized ACE2 (hACE2) Mice delivered in as fast as 1 month

COVID-19 Research Model Support

If you have identified another gene of interest (GOI) which has potential implications in COVID-19 pathology, contact us to inquire about exclusive support opportunities available for researchers seeking to generate a novel animal model for studying COVID-19.

Customer Testimonials

"We generated a mouse knockout model using Cyagen’s TurboKnockout® technology. Cyagen's team was on time with milestones, provided constant updates on the project and delivered animals as promised. It was such a pleasure working with Cyagen that we decided to outsource the production of other animal models to them."

-- Maximiliano D’Angelo, Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute