As scientists around the world continue to grapple with the implications of COVID-19 on their research, Cyagen remains available to assist with all your needs for in vivo model services and products. Our expert support team understands that researchers worldwide are up against many different barriers in starting their projects. As a one-stop shop for research models, we are ready to help you plan your return to the lab!

Despite the effects of COVID-19 on global business, we are operating at 100% proficiency - providing uninterrupted production and technical support to ensure that your research continues. We are here to serve your model generation, cloning, virus and packaging needs with the same high quality and fast turnaround as before the outbreak. Cyagen has established strong global partnerships, improved our rigorous safety standards, and maintained full operational efficiency to ensure continuity in research operations for all our clients throughout this critical time.

Herein, we provide an overview of Cyagen’s services and have collected all of our current initiatives that aim to support the continuity of scientific studies.


Custom Animal Model (CAM) Services

Cyagen’s top-quality services are backed by our industry-best 100% money-back guarantee. We always provide free consultations and strategy designs from our team of PhD scientists that boasts several decades of collective experience in the field. We have developed many innovative services unequaled by our competitors:

TurboKnockout® Gene Targeting Mice:

  • Complex genome modifications, including LFKI up to 200 kb, in as fast as 6 months!
  • Humanized, cKO, reporter knockin


CRISPR-Mediated Gene Editing (Mice & Rats):

  • KO, point mutation, any locus LFKI (including Rosa26)


Transgenic services:

  • Capabilities: Rosa26 Targeted, single copy integration with PiggyBac
  • Mice: Transgenic (TG), PiggyBac TG, PiggyBac-on-BAC TG
  • Mouse Embryos: Transgenic (TG), PiggyBac TG
  • Rats: Transgenic (TG), PiggyBac TG, PiggyBac-on-BAC TG


Conditional Rat Model Services - cKO/cKI + Cre Strains

Cyagen can develop both the custom conditional knockout/knock-in (cKO/cKI) rat models and the associated Cre strains designed to fit your research needs. Learn more about our rat model generation capabilities with Cre recombinase on our announcement:

>> Visit Our Announcement


Cyagen Knockout Catalog Models – Choose from Two Offers

Cyagen’s Knockout Catalog Models include over 10,000 strains, now available as searchable listings – query by your gene of interest (gene name/NCBI ID) to identify models that we have available for cryorecovery. All projects originate from cryopreserved sperm, but are deliverable as ≥3 mice. Our repository is constantly growing, so feel free to inquire about the status of any specific gene(s) knockouts not shown online for more information about pending availability.

We currently have two promotional offers available on orders from Cyagen Knockout Catalog Models:


Save Up to $4,450 on Knockout Catalog Orders – Win a Free Model!

Now through August 31st, order any ready-to-use knockout (KO) strains from the Cyagen Knockout Catalog Model repository to receive 10% off alongside free homozygous breeding services – providing a total savings of $4,450. In addition to the limited-time discount, all projects initiated by the deadline will be entered to win a FREE KO catalog model!

Learn more about this offer by visiting the promotional page:

>> Win a Free KO Model


Global Group Buy Event

Cyagen is simultaneously offering a Global Group Buy Event through August 25th – join together with researchers worldwide to save up to $3,000 on orders from Cyagen Knockout Catalog Models.  There are three tiers of group buy discounts available - formed by 2, 3, and 5 participants for each knockout (KO) mouse strain available in the catalog.

Prospective clients may choose to participate in both the ‘Global Group Buy Event’ and the “Win a Free Knockout Model” savings events, although discounts may not be combined.


Support for COVID-19 Research Models

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the experts at Cyagen have developed complimentary resources for those seeking accurate animal models for their COVID-19 studies. In addition to our COVID-19 resources, we are also prioritizing inquiries related to COVID-19 animal models and providing special offers on ACE2 Models - doing our part to accelerate research progress.

COVID-19 Resource List for Researchers

Our Technical Bulletin from July 27, 2020 covers the most recent developments made in establishing SARS-CoV-2 infection mouse models and provides an updated resource list for COVID-19 research, including the many ways that Cyagen can support your related funding applications.

Topics covered:

  • Mouse Models for SARS - Construction Strategies and Applications
  1. Transgenic hACE2 Mouse Model
  2. Targeted Insertion of hACE2-tdTomato Mouse Model
  • Model Developed with Adenovirus Vector – Ad5-hACE2 Mice
  • ACE2 Catalog Models – Bundle of Savings Event
  • COVID-19 Grant Funding Application Support

>> Visit the Full Text


ACE2 Mouse Models Bundle Discount – Save 10%

There are multiple approaches to developing humanized ACE2 (hACE2) models, including ROSA26 conditional knockin (cKI) or endogenous replacement, which yield different proteins. To support the elucidation of ACE2 functionality in COVID-19 onset across different models, Cyagen is offering a bundle discount of 10 % off when ordering any combination of hACE2 or ACE2 KO models in either C57BL/6J or BALB/c strain backgrounds.


These ACE2 models are estimated to be available in as soon as 2 months – request the PCR Genotyping reports and learn more about this offer:

>> Save 10% - Build Your ACE2 Mouse Cohort


Cell Products and Services

In addition to our renowned animal model capabilities, Cyagen also provides an expansive offering of cell products and custom cell line services.

Cell Products:

A leading stem cell producer, Cyagen offers one of the most comprehensive lists of OriCellTM research-use stem cells and products, including: cell culture and differentiation media, cell culture supplements, and an assortment of related research reagents.





Cell Culture Supplements and Specialty Reagents


Custom Cell Line Services

As a leading provider of custom genome editing services, Cyagen also offers a variety of custom cell line services. Leverage our optimized CRISPR/Cas9 cell line modeling service platform for hassle-free research. CRISPR-Pro enables large fragment excision or accurate mutations in various cell lines, including hard-to-transfect, cancer, and stem cell lines.

We disable the gene of interest by the removal of large fragments of the gene instead of the introduction of a frameshift mutation, which will make sure the complete loss of gene function.

Knockin defined as an exogenous gene inserted in a native locus of interest. CRISPR-Pro technology enables large fragment knockin in variety of mammalian cell lines.

Point mutation defined as one or more nucleotides are mutated. The insertion, deletion, nonsense and sense mutations alter the amino acid sequence, thus changing its functions or properties of a given protein. Point mutation knockin cell lines enable a clear understanding of the contribution of the mutation to a phenotype.

Our lentiviral-based overexpression stable cell lines can be used to express large amounts of a protein of interest. After transduced by lentiviruses, the gene of interest will be integrated into host cell genome and permanently pass to next cell generation.

We use 3rd generation lentiviral systems for the highest biosafety standards.

With years of gene editing experience, Cyagen has established a comprehensive cell repository and optimized our lentiviral platform to facilitate your research – providing cell lines with stable expression of relevant genes. Our platform can target most mammalian cell types including hard-to-transfect cells, primary cells, stem cells, and terminally differentiated cells - such as neurons.

Learn more about our cell services by requesting a quote or emailing – our support team will be in touch with more information regarding your project.


Discover How Cyagen Can Help You

We understand that researchers worldwide are facing unique challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Let us know how we can help you initiate your next project, while also addressing any concerns you may have. Our support team is ready to provide complimentary consultations for your research project and resolve any hurdles keeping you from moving forward with your study.

Contact us by calling 1-800-921-8930 or emailing with your project information and our expert support team would be happy to provide a free consultation, quote, and project plan to suit your every need. We look forward to supporting your research!